Dean Lewis

Before Lewis’ debut EP Same Kind Of Different, before the international tours, and certainly before his chart-topping hit “Waves,” Lewis was a sound guy. This job was disheartening for Lewis – he spent most his days watching others live out the dream. He made a little music back then: a song, and a video had been uploaded online, and the response had been good, but not life-changing. He let it rest, not sure if anything would come out of it. It didn’t look like a career in music was on the cards for him.

But a friend of his changed all of that. Years ago, at a function, his friend befriended a woman who was in music publishing. After chatting, he told him about Lewis: How he was having trouble making it in the music industry, how he couldn’t seem to catch a break. His friend asked if she wouldn’t mind listening to Lewis’ music. She listened immediately and was completely won over by Lewis’ raw talent and unique songwriting. He was pretty much signed to her publishing company by the end of the taxi ride home.

The first song they worked on was “Waves” which turned Lewis from unknown songwriter to hit-maker overnight. “Waves” was added to Triple J rotation, has had over 122 million streams, 31 million video views and was the second biggest Australian single of 2017.

“Be Alright” is the first taste of Lewis’ forthcoming album, and signals a newfound conviction in his own storytelling and singing capabilities.