As part of our 10th Anniversary celebration for Live in the Vineyard, we are looking back over the years and putting together a new digital retrospective. Over the coming weeks we will be adding new videos, photographs and stories from events past as we gear up for our big event in Napa from November 2-4, 2018.

We’d love you to be a part of it, whether you are one of our winners, part of the industry, or part of our Platinum family, if you’ve been to prior events you can submit your pics or your stories. Just complete the Google form below to share the relevant details with and we may feature you and your story. Or you may be the lucky one who wins one of this year’s contests and you may be chosen to share the story of your favorite moment from a past event with this year’s winners.

One of my favorite moments (pic above) was interviewing LP in her trailer right after her blowout performance in April of 2014. We were meeting her to do an interview for Southwest Airlines and she was teaching us how to whistle right before we got this selfie with her. 

Another amazing moment was sitting front row (yes, I am that lucky one) when Justen Furstenfeld first performed an acapella version of “Bleed Out.” It was one of the most powerful pieces of art I have ever experienced. We connected quite intensely for a moment as he poured his soul, and his blood/sweat/tears into his performance. The next day, I got to speak with him about it with his wife and mine at a winery.

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